Suake 3D - a fused and covered 3D action game

A 3D action game hybrid between the 2D phone classic Snake and the 90s epic 3D ego shooter Quake

2D Snake x 3D Quake

A hybrid between 2D classic game Snake which was available on almost every cell phone 10 or so years ago and the 90s epic 3D ego shooter Quake. The idea was to mix the concept and game rules of both games together.

Available 4 macOS and iOS

Suake 3D atm is a game soley available on macOS X and iOS. An Android version is planned and with some help and godspeed comming soon. Please check out the beta preview and give me your direct feedback.

Beta Preview of Suake 3D

The game is still in Beta preview state ... but to give you a sneak detail impression of the idea and techniques behind Suake you can download and test a beta preview of Suake 3D

Join Suake 3D development

If you like the idea of Suake 3D and would like to participate in the development process with you ideas or technical skills we would be very happy to recieve a short message describing you and your ideas in detail.

Suake3D Features


The main character of Suake3D - of course - is a snake which is controled by the players and is used to fight against enemies and opponents. The snake needs to collect the goodies to increase the game score and finally win against all other players.


A sighnificant difference to the original classic Snake game is for example the addition of weapons pretty much similar to the ones you know from Quake. You can collect arms and ammo for weapons like machinegun, sniper rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher, rail gun and even a remote controled nuklear warhead.


As the title Suake3D promisses the game takes place in a 3D world with different obstacles, enemies, items and features. You will find traps like lava pits, volcanos, fires and more. To heal wounds you can get from traps or enemies you can also find medipaks and more.

Suake3D feature videos

Suake3D main functions

Suake3D startup

Menu (Settings)

Map overlay

Suake3D weapons

Nuklear warhead - remote controlled

Suake3D Overview

Suake3D is the first game of it's kind. It's the first time ever trying to combine a 2D classic game together with another 3D classic action shooter.

This 3D action shooter is a multiplayer game. You can play against the computer or your friends and enemies over a network connection.

Suake 3D - Showcase

Take a moment and have a look into the idea behind the game and maybe even try the concept Beta App of Suake 3D for macOS X. I am very happy about every feedback you guys have regarding the game preview.

Ready to test the concept preview of Suake 3D

About Suake 3D

A action game fusion of snake 2D and quake 3D

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